This weekend Whitehaven RL will face off against their rivals Workington Town in a derby game. 

It will be a big game for both teams and their fans and a win is even more crucial for Whitehaven after their recent performances. 

The match will kick off at 7pm on Easter Sunday at the LEL Arena in Whitehaven. 

We spoke to Whitehaven RL Head Coach Jonty Gorley to hear his thoughts on the upcoming game. 

Mr Gorely said: "We're really looking forward to it, it's always good and you can't beat a west Cumbrian derby no matter which team you support. To make it that bit more interesting this time both teams are desperate for a win so it's going to be a good competition I think. 

"We'll just prepare as we do every week but as you can see by our results over the past couple of weeks we've struggled. I really need to get some defensive sessions into the team but it's hard to do with the people that are missing and the injuries we've got. All we can do is prepare as best we can."

The last time Whitehaven RL played against Workington Town was in the pre season Ike Southward Trophy game, with Workington coming away with a win. 

The last time that Whitehaven have played Workington in a league game was in 2019 when both sides drew. With both sides strong talents Jonty says that it will be a tough game for Whitehaven and Workington alike. 

Jonty explained that he was disappointed with the late kick off time of 7pm and would have preferred a regular day time kick off. But he is still hopeful that lots of fans will come along and show their support for Whitehaven over the Easter weekend. 

However, he says that the team will just prepare as normal and it may create more anticipation amongst the players. 

Mr Gorley added: "I'd like to see fans of both teams coming down in numbers to show their support during a west Cumbria derby game."