A WHITEHAVEN councillor has said he will 'stick to' a bet that may see him inked with the badge of his rivals forever.

Councillor Carl Walmsley, who is a fan of Whitehaven Rugby League,  placed what he calls his final daft rugby bet- vowing to have the crest of the winning team tattoed to him in the club's derby game against Workington Town RLFC at the weekend.

His last bet found him in a bit of a jam, when Carl had to help push sales of jam in Workington Morrisons wearing his Whitehaven shirt, as well as eating jam sandwiches for lunch throughout January- after Workington were triumphant in the Ike Southward trophy.

Speaking about the bet, Councillor Walmsley said: "Truth be told its one I'm regretting already I'm known for my daft bets with rugby I've done a few in the past but on reflection this one is just plain stupid,but I'm a man of my word I've said it (probably full of drink) so I will stick to it I am already booked in with tattooist Paul Wynne.

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"I am 100% confident a full fit Whitehaven team would beat Workington comfortably especially at home but we are down to bare bones already with injuries and already relying on young loanies just to field a squad.

"Hopefully the boys will pull it out of the bag on the day and bail me out and I can get the very classy Haven tattoo, its much better on the eye."

The councillor said that his bets are all part of a 'healthy rivarly' between the two sides.

Wammo said: "Being the young people champion down at the club I've been trying to promote a healthy rivalry between the two clubs with the kids and i feel little things like this helps.

"All in all I would like to wish both clubs all the best in the fixture hoping for a home win but more importantly the fans get a spectacle and all the players come through unscathed."

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