This week the project to restore one of Whitehaven's iconic 19th century lighthouses has been completed. 

The Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners have been overseeing the project that will see both lighthouses brought back to their former glory. 

John Baker, Chief Executive of Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, said: "I would like to thank everybody that has worked so hard and persevered during what has been a challenging project at times.

"Everyone can now feel satisfied they have achieved something that will have tangible benefits for Whitehaven and the local community. The restoration of the lighthouses is part of a suite of improvements and projects around the town that will combine to make it a great place to visit, live and do business. I’m looking forward to 1 the completion of the North Pier Lighthouse restoration next month, giving the town two historic buildings to be proud of."

The work on the West Pier Lighthouse has included replacing the roof structure and windows, cleaning and repainting the exterior paintwork and repairing the internal and external ironworks and replacing the beacon. 

Doors and a new cable supplying power to the lighthouse have also been installed. 

It is hoped that work will finish on the North Pier Lighthouse by May, including repainting and restoring the metalwork, as well as putting the new beacon in place.

The project is being funded mostly from Sellafield Ltd’s SiX (social impact, multiplied) programme, as well as in-kind donations from individual people and companies.

CRS Facility Management has acted as the main contractor for the work, supported by a number of other local firms including Shepley Engineering and West Cumberland Engineering amongst others. 

Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie said: "It’s great news to hear that the West Pier Lighthouse is now complete and work is nearly complete on the Northern Pier Lighthouse. These two enduring structures are truly beacons of light which will set the tone for many more exciting projects to come."

Retired construction manager, Trevor Prowse, who has been donating his time to manage the project added: "The team has had to overcome many challenges including weather and material supply issues but we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed being part of this historic project."