Over the weekend Whitehaven RLFC took on the mammoth challenge of playing against Super League team St Helens. 

The side are currently top of the Super League and Whitehaven got the amazing opportunity to play them on their own turf. 

St Helens won the game 46-4 with Karl Dixon scoring a try for Whitehaven during the second half. 

This was part of the sixth round of the Challenge Cup and to find out more we spoke to Whitehaven's Head Coach Jonty Gorley. 

Mr Gorley said: "It was an absolute great occassion for the club, for the players, the fans and the town. It was one of those games that comes along once in a blue moon. We had to make the best of it whatever the outcome and I think as a club and as a team we did that. 

"Getting to play the strongest team in the country, what can't you like about that. They put out their strongest team and showed us quite a lot of respect. I'm pleased they did that because when you're playing against St Helens you want the best team you can to test you against some of the best players in the world. 

"It was brilliant, ever since the draw was done it was the best possible outcome. It would be nice to play in a Super League stadium but to have the best team in the country come to Whitehaven was great. Especially to see the recreation ground packed out with fans."

We spoke to Jonty about how he felt the team played and he seemed to be rather pleased with their performance. 

Mr Gorley added: "I thought they did themselves proud, the way they set off, the way they defended and the fact we managed to break them a couple of times. 

"I think the scoreline didn't give the team's effort justice but games like this often do end with this sort of scoreline because you're playing against such a good team. 

"We did have a lot of chances and we did manage to break a strong team like that down so we're pleased to have got a try and hats off to the teams."