Lifeboat volunteers were tasked to rescue a casualty who had hurt her ankle on the beach.

Tasked by Belfast HM Coastguard, volunteers from St Bees RNLI attended the injured casualty at about 1.5 miles north of the lifeboat station, on Saturday, March 26 at 3:50 pm.

A spokesperson from St Bees RNLI recalled: "The casualty had slipped and injured her ankle on the beach at Fleswick Bay - a small beach on a popular walk that is inaccessible to vehicles.

"Our lifeboat crew arrived at Fleswick Bay and using their casualty care training made her as comfortable as possible before transferring her to our inshore lifeboat and carefully making their way back to the station.

"The lifeboat was taken to the water's edge and the stretcher lowered over the side.

"Our volunteers then carried the stretcher to the lifeboat station.

"The casualty and her husband thanked everybody for their help and he posed for a quick team photo, as a reminder of their eventful day, before he headed up to the hospital."