WHAT do you think of the changes to the Whitehaven bus station?

There is something about bus stations. They can be smelly with petrol/diesel fumes, cold and often a looking a bit neglected But they are often to be found very close to town centres and your bus is always there to take you where you want to go.

Even when the buses no longer stop there, though, the memories and loyalty to the bus station does not end.

The future of the bus station has been the subject of conversation for nearly 20 years.

Tesco applied to have it as part of its extension. Then it was going to be shops and flats, then a hotel.

In 2017, there was a huge outcry when the British Energy Coast applies to demolish the bus station and replace it with 48 houses.

Readers’ opinions were polled and most were adamant that the bus station must be saved.

Typical of the responses was that of John Batey: “No they can’t demolish it, there’s got to be some way of saving it.”

And Heather Davidson said: “Once again we knock down our beautiful heritage. Do it up and incorporate it into whatever is happening. Too many old buildings get knocked down for cheap rubbish to be built.”

There were those who felt that, whatever happened, it was certainly time to do something about the deteriorating old building.

Marie Calvin said: “Needs something done, can’t believe it’s been left that long in that state.”

“Erecting the one and two bedroom apartments on the site will be BEC’s first stage of a project which would bring offices, homes and a hotel to the town.”

As the plans for hotels and shops and flats disappeared, however, a £4.1 million transformation of the town’s former bus station into a business centre was approved by Copeland planners.

Renamed the Buzz Station, property company BEC is worked with Sellafield Ltd to preserve the Art Deco facade of the building and create office space inside.

The work is done, the exterior preserved and The Peddler, the 100-seater bar and cafe is still to be called The Peddler, is open.

The old bus station is looking good. Do you approve? Let us know.