St Helen’s are in town this weekend facing Whitehaven. Fans will not want to miss the game which starts at 2pm on Saturday.


If the weather is good have a stroll around the harbour, stopping at the Beacon for ice cream. As well as a pleasant walk there are plenty of eateries and drinking establishments within close walking distance.

If the weather is not good then pop into the Beacon and see the Ian Andrews exhibition The Sketchbook at Collider which sees Andrews and physicist Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos visualise particles as they transform, annihilate and decay, whilst exploring the links between the language of drawing and subatomic interactions.

The exhibition includes a 17-meter-long drawing made especially for the Beacon Museum inspired by the linear accelerators used in particle detection.


Again, if the weather is wet, visit Whitehaven’s cinema for some of the latest releases including the second Sonic Hedgehog movie which is a delight for children and fun for adults too.

Whitehaven News: The La'al RattyThe La'al Ratty


A day out on the La’al Ratty is a delight for children who enjoy a train that is almost their size, while adults can appreciate scenery so close you can literally touch it in places.


Like the Beacon, this gets mentioned a lot but is a must-see. It tells the story of one of Whitehaven’s wealthiest families and how that wealth came on the backs of slaves and rum.

It is most educational and something that is good to see.


The church was originally built in 1693. It was rebuilt in 1883 by Miss Margaret Gibson in memory of her parents. A fire on August 31 1971 destroyed the entire fabric except the clock tower and main entrance.

But the church and its gardens hold some surprise. Inside the tower is a plaque to the memory of Mildred Warner Gale, the grandmother of George Washington. She was buried in the grounds, January 30 1700/1.

Her husband, George Gale, was buried on his plantation, called ‘Tusculum’, in Somerset County, just outside of Princess Anne, Maryland, USA.


This is on on Fridays but if you are around, it is well worth a visit. As well as produce, arts and crafts there is usually live music and refreshments – the latter raising money for a charity. It begins at 9.30 and usually runs until about 12.30.

Whitehaven News: The spectacular St Bees HeadThe spectacular St Bees Head


Close to Whitehaven is the only piece of Heritage Coast on the north-western English coastline between Wales and Scotland.

The cliffs at St Bees Head are up to 90 metres high and afford tremendous views of the Irish Sea and back to the fells and pikes of the Lake District.


Whitehaven News: Egremont CastleEgremont Castle

The ruins of this medieval castle continue to tower over the town.

Originally built in 1082, the stonework surviving today is from the 12th and 13th century.


You don’t need directions. This tall tower is there for everyone to see. Walk up to the 1850 structure and enjoy both the walk and the view.

The Candlestick was originally a ventilation chimney for the Wellington Pit.