A family have been left "distraught" after their beloved dog was killed by a motorist outside the family farm on a country road which has become a "rat run".

Rob Purdham, 41, is now calling for the 60mph speed limit to be lowered or for traffic calming measures to be introduced, before "a human life is lost" as well.

He says his daughter, Estelle, is "devastated" that her 18-month-old Border Collie, Perrie, was killed outright on the road in Gosforth early on Monday morning.

He said: "She was a working Collie on the farm, just getting into her stride. My daughter chose her. She's devastated.

"Our farm is right on the roadside so anything could jump out of different entrances to the farmyard. Although the animals are domesticated, you can't control them 24/7."

The driver of the car, who failed to stop, has now been identified from CCTV footage at Boonwood Garden Centre and bits of the vehicle that were left on the road.

Mr Purdham says traffic on the road outside Low Boonwood Farm has increased over the years because Satnavs are directing drivers going to Wasdale to use it as the quickest route.

He said: "I would like the speed limit reduced from 60mph. I think it should be 20mph. We just want some sort of traffic calming measures on the road, or change the speed limit because there's that many more people use it now. People are flying up and down the road.

"The Satnav takes you the quick way to Wastwater so anyone coming to Wasdale with a Satnav, they come this way. They get on the straight bit of road by our farm and put their foot down."

Mr Purdham said he had put some barriers up to make a chicane to protect his family and animals from speeding drivers, but was told to take them down after being reported to the police.

He has also put up his own 20mph signs but says "no one takes any notice of them".

"I'm sick of people nearly getting hit. Our neighbours walk down here. We walk animals and horses, my daughter rides her bike down the road. Everyone's sick of it.

"Delivery vans fly up and down here as well if they're following the Satnav to Wasdale because it's the shortest route. We would like the council to do something and do something quickly.

"When I was young, people didn't have Satnav so people didn't use this road as much. Now everyone's got Satnav, they follow it and use this like a rat run.

"We just want people to slow down. Sooner rather than later, it could be a human life that is lost."

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "Police were called at 7.57am on March 14 following a report of a collision involving a car and a dog at Gosforth at about 6.20am.

"Sadly, the dog died following the collision.

"Officers made enquiries and spoke to the driver of the car alleged to be involved. Enquiries are continuing."