On Sunday Whitehaven RL faced off against Dewsbury at home at the LEL Arena. 

The club came away with a decent victory this week securing a score of 40-12 over the Rams. 

The team's performance seems to have been improving in recent matches compared to at the very start of the season. 

We spoke to Head Coach Jonty Gorley to hear his thoughts on the game. 

Mr Gorley said: "I was happy with it in the end up, I wouldn't say we were off in the first half we had quite good completion we were up to nearly 90% but we just kept letting our foot off the guard. We were letting them in our half too much which has been happening for a number of weeks now. 

"But we were really good in the second half regarding how I want them to play and that showed in the scoreline and the tries we got. Everyone did their job well in the second half, halfs were going right at the line and middles were going forward like I asked them. Which then helped Callum Phillips progress from that. 

"When you're are going forward and getting a good roll on it's quite hard to stop and overall I think we've played some good stuff. 

"To improve I think we need to stop giving teams a leg up and stop giving penalities away. When we've got a repeat set we should make sure that we complete it and put more pressure on. We got a set in the first half then got another really good ball set but we got a ball pass on the first tackle. We just need to build more pressure and not let teams off so much."

Whitehaven will face off against York this Sunday at the LEL Arena in the Challenge Cup. Jonty explained that York are a good outfit and they proved that last season so this will be a good test for Whitehaven. 

He once again praised the support of the fans saying that "it was good to hear them getting behind the lads."

For more information on Whitehaven RL please visit their website on: https://www.whitehavenrl.co.uk/.