Whitehaven RL are set to play Newcastle Thunder in a Championship game tomorrow. 

The match will take place at Kingston Park at 3pm on Saturday, February 19. 

We spoke with Head Coach Jonty Gorley to hear his thoughts on the upcoming match. 

Mr Gorley said: "We've built up a bit of confidence from Sunday's game so all I'm wanting to do is take Sunday's performance into tomorrow but build on it as well. 

"I've watched Newcastle on video and they're a good side, I find it hard to believe they're in the same pod as us with only one win out of three. 

"It'll be tough for us going there and getting a result but it's all going to be about us and how we perform. If we perform the way we did on Sunday we will hopefully put up good competition in the game and secure some points, if we don't and go back to what we were like in the previous four games we'll struggle. 

"There is a plan in place but what we need to do is keep hold of the ball enough to put those plans into practice. 

"If you've got the ball long enough hopefully we'll get some tries, it's all about how we are with the ball."