Whitehaven RL finally came out on top in their latest game at the weekend securing a victory against London Broncos.

The team headed down to London to face off against the southern side on Sunday and got their first win of the season.

Connor Holiday scored the only try of the game meaning that Whitehaven got an 8-0 victory, much to the delight of the club and their fans.

Head coach Jonty Gorley said the team had improved on its recent performances.

“I think the game went much better than our previous four matches – we actually put some sets together and got more kicks.

"We weren’t as bad with our discipline and there weren’t as many missed tackles so all round this is an improvement on what we have been like which wins us games. We just need to be consistent in doing it now.

“It’s always good to get your first win under your belt and I think the London trip came around at the right time for us.

"We headed down on Saturday morning and we didn’t get back until around 2am on Monday morning so the team had the chance to spend a good bit of time with one another.

“They got to spend some really good quality time together and before the match you could sense that the preparation was good.

"It was a a real bonding exercise for the team. We have a lot of new faces so I think it was good for them to properly get to know one another.

“I think to improve we could have been more clinical, but the team did what I asked and concentrated on ball security, getting to a kick and defending well.

"We did let London off the hook a couple of times with restarts and penalties but nothing too major that it got in the way of the game.”

Jonty also thanked the fans who came down and supported Whitehaven at London.

He said there were around 50 fans there, which was a big turnout for an away game. Their next game will be against Newcastle Thunder away on February 19.