A man from Seascale is taking on a unique initiative to better the music industry in a very practical way.

Josh Murphy, 22, is taking a proactive role in the recovery of the music industry by helping it to develop from Covid 19 and adapt to the pandemic.

Having seen the incredible amount of damage dealt to the music industry and after experiencing the changes brought on by the virus himself, you can understand why.

Mr Murphy said: "I completed my final year of university in a 100% online working environment and I don’t want that for the music industry. We’re a very practical industry that relies on networking and relationships so it’s about helping musicians and music businesses to adapt to changing work environments."

In 2020, over 30% of jobs in the music industry were lost due to Covid-19, with the arts and entertainment industry being one of the worst sectors hit by the pandemic.

Having contributed £5.8 billion to the UK economy in 2019, the music industry plays a major role in helping the UK recover from Covid-19.

One way in which he's helping the music industry is by managing musicians and bands with contemporary strategies and techniques, helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions while navigating through a post-pandemic environment.

As well as this, the music industry practitioner helps venues, record labels, PR companies and many more to promote themselves and enhance the interpersonal relationship between musicians and music businesses.

Mr Murphy added: "I want to work very closely with members of the music industry, to help contribute to their careers and help music industry professionals move forward from Covid-19. The only way I see the industry recovering from Covid-19 is through collaboration and an understanding of how we can work together."

For more information please visit Josh's website on: https://joshuarfmurphy.com/. For press enquiries and interviews you email Josh at joshmurphy.info@gmail.com.

You can also follow him on all the leading social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram under the name 'Joshua R F Murphy.'