A "beautiful" Christmas window display which features a replica of an iconic Whitehaven landmark, has been named the best in the town.

Little Whims in the marketplace, which sells quirky gifts, has won this year's Christmas window display competition, with a display based on Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.

The book's author is said to have lived in the Red Flag Inn - the building next to the Candlestick - as a young child, and the shop's window display is a nod to this historical link.

The festive display includes a replica of the Candlestick landmark and the Red Flag Inn, along with a row of Georgian houses based on Whitehaven.

Lara Schwab, of Little Whims, said: "We're really pleased. There was a lot of time spent on it. We appreciate that we've won. The windows in Whitehaven were so nice this year. They were really impressive. We were lucky to win because the competition was strong this year.

"When we discovered the Gulliver's Travel theme, the links with the area, we thought it would be nice to use the Whitehaven history as part of that.

"It was a family effort. It wasn't just myself. We tried to make it Whitehaven-themed and with Jonathan Swift and our own little quirky style, with a bit of festivity. We really enjoyed doing it.

"Thank you to the people who run the competition. It makes all the businesses try a bit harder with the festivities which is nice."

The competition is run every year by the Whitehaven and District Chamber of Trade.

Chris Hayes, mayor of Whitehaven, helped judge the competition and presented the award to Little Whims. He said: "It's absolutely stunning. I was struggling to find a winner this year. Some of the windows are absolutely beautiful."