PLANS have been submitted to restore and re-paint a historic milestone in Parton.

Copeland Borough Council has submitted a request for planning permission to restore the milestone east of Parton Police Station.

Consent is required to update the Grade II Listed Milestone, recasting the missing plaque and repainting the feature in the original black and white style.

In addition to the restoration, an area of gravel measuring approximately 1.2 metres by two metres will be installed around the milestone, discouraging weed growth.

Amey has submitted the application after being commissioned by National Highways for the work.

The mid 19th century milestone is one of four along the southern portion of the A595, sitting to the Western side between the road and village of Parton.

The Design, Access and Heritage Statement by Amey Consulting said: “The milestone highlights the historic land use of the road as part of the toll roads in Cumbria, with the roads in this portion of the county being the first to be designated turnpike roads. The roads were placed in control of a trust as part of the Whitehaven Harbour Act of 1739.

“This was done to ensure the roads to Whitehaven harbour were kept in good condition and eventually extended to cover the surrounding road to Whitehaven.”

Explaining the decision to upgrade the historic stone, they said: “Repainting of the Milestone to the original colours will improve the visibility from the road and increase public awareness of this location, thereby raising to profile of all Milestones along the route.”

The restoration will be carried out by qualified and experienced operators and work will halt if there is potential for further damage to the stone.

The public have a right to view and comment on all planning applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval.

Comments of support or objection will be taken into account by the planning panel when they give a verdict on the plans.