TWO Copeland social clubs have been gifted back to the community as a sign of good will from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The popular Falcon Club, at Egremont, and the Windscale Club, at Seascale, were owned by NDA Properties Ltd, a subsidiary of the NDA.

The NDA has strong routes to the local area due to it's involvement in the borough's biggest employer- Sellafield Ltd.

The clubs have been run by Sellafield Area Sports and Recreational Association (SASRA), which has rented the properties since 1948, they were handed over from the NDA to SASRA as a goodwill gesture to the community.

The legal process of transferring the ownership of the properties has now been completed, with the clubs now being in the hands of the community.

NDA Chief Executive David Peattie said: "We’re delighted the Treasury approved our proposal and we’ve now been able to hand over these important centres for the benefit of the community.

"The NDA has a responsibility to the local communities and stakeholders around our sites as we deliver our mission.

"Supporting the local communities where we work is very important for the NDA, collaborating with others to ensure our funding has a significant benefit for local people."

He also thanked Trudy Harrison for her involvement in the transfer.

SASRA provides sporting, social and recreational facilities for the community and has strong local links, with over 7,500 members from across West Cumbria.

Geoff Turrell, SASRA Chairman added: "The four-year negotiation period has been time well spent. The transfer will now enable SASRA to meet its main objectives of improving the health and wellbeing of the communities at both complexes through the provision of fitness facilities, and provide more options to reduce inactivity and increase physical fitness. It will also allow further development of the complexes for social activities as community hubs."

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison said: "It’s fantastic to see two local facilities handed over to a community which places such value on them.

"The Falcon Club and the Windscale Club have played a key role for many local people in West Cumbria for a long time and have seen generations of people use the facilities."

Mike Starkie said: "Facilities like Windscale Club and the Falcon Club are especially important as we emerge from the COVID crisis and, when restrictions allow, for people to be able to socialise, take part in activities and to improve their wellbeing. I know this gesture from the NDA will be extremely well received.