This week our top trader is an independent electrical store in the heart of Whitehaven which has been serving the town for generations.

Brooks, based on Duke Street in the town centre, has been offering residents first class service since it opened almost 100 years ago in 1923.

The store sells a range of electrical products and has proved very popular with customers over they years and developing an outstanding reputation.

We spoke to Claire Coley, the stores manager, here's what she had to say. Ms Coley said: "I've been apart of the business for the past fifteen years and before that my Dad and Uncle ran the store. Prior to that Mr Brooks and my Grandad ran the store and obviously things have changed quite dramatically in that time.

"I'd hope that people see Brooks as a big feature in the town as we go completely by our reputation. We pride our selves on our after care and service."

It is one of the only electrical stores of it's kind in West Cumbria but it offers something a little different. Most of the staff who currently work in the store are longstanding employees, so often customers will feel comfortable and familiar with the staff when they go into the store.

Over lockdown the store branched out into the online market and expanded it's website to adjust to the new normal of the pandemic. Whilst also keeping in fitting with the modern era of internet shopping.

One resident informed us that his grandmother in law had called on Brooks to help fix her television over lockdown. A man from the store had came out and done the job but also stayed around to have a chat and a cup of tea to give the lady some company at what was a difficult time.

It is this kind of personal service that has allowed the store to keep serving the community for huge a vast amount of time.

Claire thanked all the town's residents who use the store and help to keep the business alive hopefully for many more years to come.