COMEDIAN Simon Brodkin is set to treat Cumbrian crowds to a new stand-up show.

Brodkin will perform his ‘Troublemaker’ show at Workington’s Carnegie Theatre and Millom’s Beggars Theatre on December 10 and 11 respectively.

He said: “It’s very exciting for me. People know me as Lee Nelson, Jason Bent or through some of the pranks I’ve staged, but this is just going to be me doing stand up for the first time.

“The show is about how I’ve spent my life as a troublemaker, from school, to when I studied medicine at the University of Manchester and got a telling off for suggesting that the best thing the place can do for someone who had just been saved from drowning was to stick them in a bowl of rice.

"I’ll also focus on stories from my stunts, like being reprimanded by the FBI.

When asked if he had visited Cumbria before, Simon answered: “I have been to Cumbria a few times and it is a stunning part of the country with the loveliest people. The six-hour drive it’ll take to get there will not be as glamorous, however.”

Brodkin has received much coverage in recent years with his stunts. From passing a fake P45 form to Theresa May, to gate-crashing Kanye West’s headline performance at Glastonbury and showering former FIFA President Sepp Blatter with handfuls of fake cash, the comedian’s work has reached households around the world.

There is one stunt that left him a bit nervous. He continued: “All of the stunts I’ve been nervous over, but it’s more about the consequences rather than actually doing the prank.

“The one that sticks out was when I stepped onto the Geneva Motor Show stage during a Volkswagen presentation in the middle of their emissions scandal.

"I had dressed up as a mechanic and placed a black box underneath the display car.

"Afterwards, the police heard about this man who had placed a box filled with wires on stage and thought I was some militant taking part in a lone terror attack.

“After 20 minutes of being roughed up in a German cell and having my phone hacked, the head of police, who spoke English, appeared.

"After telling her that I was a comedian and asking her to search online I finally was released. Google saved my life!”

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