Plans have been submitted to convert a building from school accommodation into a children’s day nursery.

A building from ancillary accommodation on the St Bees School land could be converted into a day nursery, subject to planning approval from Copeland Borough Council.

The application has been submitted by St Bees Little Learners Nursery Ltd.

In their Design and Access Statement, the applicant said: “The application relates to a large, detached building, located to centrally within the village of St Bees. The village is mainly based around a single road running from north to south.

They said that there would not need to be an overhaul of the site: “The proposed alterations to the property in terms of works to the actual building would comprise very minimal changes, with the main changes externally associated with the walls and grounds.

Two openings in the garden type wall are proposed to be included in the front garden, to allow for circulation around the property, without leaving the site onto the public footpath. In addition, a new vehicular exit from the site is proposed to be made in the stone wall to the north of the building leading into the curtilage land.”