A YOUNG West Cumbrian has won the county's go-karting championship.

Harry Neesam, from Braystones, won the Cumbria Karts Racing Club's Independent Kart Racing Championship in the bambino class.

The bambino class is for children aged between six and eight-years-old.

It was a six-round competition which took place at Cumbria Kart Racing Club in Rowrah.

The eight-year-old won the race right at the death.

His dad, Iain Neesam, said: "He’s a local lad and we were flying the flag for Cumbria. We really wanted this one and he won it on the last lap."

The Beckermet Church of England Primary School pupil started karting two years ago and it has been a big part of his life since.

Iain said: "He has raced all over Britain this year. He raced in the British Kart Racing Championship for the second year running.

"He was the only seeded driver in the country at the beginning of it."

Iain said that karting was a big commitment.

"We normally go at least once a week for practise but we’ve spent most of the year trekking around the whole of the UK going to different competitions.

"We’ve been as far down as Devon and the whole way up to Glasgow. It’s a massive commitment for the family.

"All of my[work holidays] went into karting. I often have Fridays and Mondays off when we’re travelling back from tracks.

"It’s incredibly expensive as well. But when they’re good, what do you do? Do you just stop and say ‘I’m sorry’ or do you struggle on?"

Iain said that Harry's love for karting started early.

"We were at the British touring kart championships in 2016 and they had a stall there for grassroots motor sport and they had some karts there.

"We sat him in one at two-years-old and wondered ‘where will this take us?’

"My wife’s father is a huge motorsport fan and bought him his first proper kart back at Christmas in 2019."

He added: "We’d like to see if he could have a career in motorsport of some form.

"Whether that be an engineer or a driver. He’s too young to even think about it.

"His dream is to be a racing driver."