A 1960s pop star visited West Cumbria earlier this week.

Dave Berry was at The Music Farm Studio in Egremont to record two songs on Monday.

The singer is known for his songs This Strange Effect, The Crying Game and the 1965 hit Little Things.

He had performed at Carlisle's Sands Centre on Sunday evening and travelled west on his day off.

Tom Tyson, from The Music Farm Studio, said: "We had basica backing tracks already made for him to sing to, and he didn’t take very long because he’s a pro.

"He’s still got the voice. He might be knocking on a bit but he can really deliver.

"He was very easy to work with. I think in about two hours we cracked it, it was all done."

The two songs which Mr Berry recorded were written by his friend Dave McGerty from Barrow.

Mr Tyson will work on the tracks over the next couple of weeks.

He hopes that they will be released near the end of the year, but said that it could be 2022 before we are able to hear them.

He said: "We need to put the drums on now and the guitars and keyboards, harmonies, strings and all that.

"So it’ll be a few weeks before we finish it but we’ve got his vocal down which is the main thing."

Mr Tyson first met Mr Berry in The Sheffield Fiesta Club in 1979.

Mr Tyson was playing bass with The Freddie Starr Band and Mr Berry came backstage to say hello.

Mr Tyson said that it was fun to record with the pop star.

"I enjoyed it immensely because he was a very big name in the 60s.

"It was nice working with him because people like that, as soon as they open their mouth, you hear that tone, you hear the sound, and it just takes you back to all his records.

"That voice is just the same."

He added: "It is [good to have big names come to West Cumbria]. It’s not often that I have them here.

"I’ve worked with several big stars elsewhere, but it’s not often that we get them to come to Egremont."