This week our trader is a new and rather unique business that opened recently over the summer months.

Santino's on Church Street in Whitehaven offers customers a taste of high quality, well-sourced goods.

Michael DiBlasio, the owner, runs this Italian style Deli alone and provides a special service to the people of our community.

Mr DiBlasio said: "I've been in business in another location for a number of years and felt that the time was right to offer something different to what we already were.

"With what happened during the pandemic we felt that there was an opportunity to provide a new service and we took it.

"There's nowhere quite like us in Whitehaven."

Santino's, which is named after Michael's son, sells a variety of cheeses and deli meats. Whilst also supporting other local businesses by selling locally produced goods.

After only recently opening at the beginning of May this year Santino's is looking to make a good impression on the people of Whitehaven.

Michael explained that he is from a catering background and has been a chef since he left school. He says that he noticed during lockdown that other shops and supermarkets weren't providing these sorts of goods.

He wanted to offer people something that they cannot get around here and may previously have had to have travelled into the Lake District or a city to buy.

Being a second generation Italian Michael wanted to draw from his roots and provide some authentic foreign delicacies.

When asked if he thought the business had been successful so far, Michael said: "Considering the economic environment I'd say yes, we've been well received."

Santino's is located close by to other independently owned stores like Richardson's Wine and Coffee Merchants. So Michael hopes that his store will not only bring a benefit to himself but also other smaller businesses in the area.

He previously owned another deli style store in the market place for a number of years but decided to reinvent and relocate over lockdown.

To find out more information about Santino's visit: Or why not head down to the store to see for yourself.