DID you know that at the Lake District Wildlife Park, we love birds? We think that the answer might be yes!

We receive so many fantastic reviews about our bird of prey displays and how entertaining (and knowledgeable) John the 'big beardy bird bloke' is.

Some believe that John should be a stand-up comedian, but really it is his passion for birds that shines through in every display that he does.

However, it is not just John that loves his birds. The park manager Richard also receives great reviews.

It is his enthusiasm for conservation and the whole bigger picture that makes his bird displays so engaging. Richard is not only responsible for keeping the park in keeping with the natural surroundings he also manages the land on the wider Armathwaite Hall Estate.

With native wildlife conservation in mind, he has improved the hay meadows and woodlands.

As we go about our daily lives, we do not always make the connection between the land and wildlife. We are gradually learning that being outside and around animals is good for our health.

We are also starting to realise how important it is to look after the habitats that animals live in. Fortunately for all of us Richard has been doing this for 20 years!

At the park we often talk about the success of breeding barn owls and sightings of kingfishers. But we also give a helping hand to the little birds, especially those that rely on trees! Trees provide shelter, perches, somewhere to nest and breed and an abundance of food.

In return the birds do a great job of eating insect pests and dispersing seeds. By planting trees and creating more woodland we hope that we are giving the birds an extra chance at survival.

Richard has organised tree planting on the estate for the last ten years with support from Keswick Scouts, local volunteers and 'Diggin the Trees'.

But it does not end there. Following the planting there is maintenance to do. Standing up stakes that have blown over and removing the protective tubes are additional tasks. It can be quite repetitive work, but if we think about the birds and how we love to hear their songs it makes it all worthwhile!

If you are interested in helping with our trees please do get in touch.