A BREAKFAST club set up by one of Britain's most popular bakeries has launched in a Disington School.

The Gregg's Foundation have announce the opening of their new breakfast club in Disington Community school.

The new club will offer 40 children who need it a free, nutritional breakfast before school to help pupils to be prepared for the day ahead. Breakfast offerings will include toast, low sugar cereal, fruit, yoghurt, juice, and milk. As well as providing a nutritious morning meal, the Breakfast Club aims to encourage children to enjoy themselves and engage with school staff and the education system.

Carl Barnes, Head Teacher at Distington Primary, commented: “We are delighted to be able to offer this free breakfast club at Distington Community School. By ensuring that all of our children are fuelled and ready for the school day will have a positive impact on their development.

“The club will also give our children an additional opportunity to mix with their peers and engage socially. Something of which has been severely impacted due to the pandemic. We would like to thank the Greggs foundation for their support and we look forward to launching the club very soon”.

Lynne Hindmarch, Breakfast Club Manager for the Greggs Foundation, commented: “No child should ever start their day without breakfast, which is why we’re delighted to be opening a new Breakfast Club at Distington Community School."