WHITEHAVEN News readers have been sharing their opinions on a new coastal activity centre after a contractor was appointed.

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners has appointed Thomas Armstrong as the principal design and build contractor for The Edge - Cumbria's Coastal Activities Centre.

The intention of the centre is to transform Whitehaven’s historic harbour into an energetic hub that serves the community with land and water-based activities.

Construction of the landmark building is scheduled to commence in November 2021 with completion and opening set for December 2022.

Some readers objected to the design, which is inspired by the natural forms of the rocks and pebbles thrown onto the beach and harbour by the sea.

Louise Nicholson said: "Looks like a baked potato but I’m glad it’s being built. The centre itself will be a good addition."

"That's an awful design," said Lauren Jane Lofthouse.

"They could have made a better design than this."

Ashley McCarthy also disapproved: "Design should respect the town and visual flow with the harbour.

"However do what you have to with the internal and drive your abstract visions.

"And Friends of the Earth state the new mine would be a blot on the landscape?

"Surprised this is not covered in solar panels and a wind turbine sticking our of the top.

"How aesthetics with designers is skewed."

Bob Harvey joked: "Methinks the architect is a Star Wars fan."

Others were in favour of the design.

"Looks amazing, glad it isn't planned to have faux Georgian," said Gary Gregg.

"Much needed for the young people of the town."

Caroline Bainbridge had similar ideas.

"Brilliant design. Just what the town needs," she said. "Looking forward to the centre opening and the new business and opportunity this will bring."

Dain Ralph added: "Something new, useful and different for the town and surprise, surprise nothing but complaints.

"Build it then half knock it down and maybe people will be happy that 'it fits in with the town'."