A West Cumbrian rugby club is taking on a new initiative to help young people develop their skills with the sport.

Whitehaven RLFC will be hosting the West Cumbria Development camp for under 14s and under 16s.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday 27th October and is free to those attending.

Ashley Kilpatrick, a Club Director said: "It's just a way of getting the young people in the area involved.

"We've held similar events previously and we'll be working with Hull FC.

"Some of our coaches will also be involved including Jonty Gorley along with some of our players.

"Ryan King and Lachlan Walmsley have been helping out and we'll be working with boys from lots of local rugby clubs."

The session will take place at The Whitehaven Recreation Ground.

It is hoped that this will get the players more involved with Whitehaven RL and get them into an environment with Hull FC.

If the young players do well in these camps they will get the opportunity to go over and train with Hull.

They may also get a chance to further their career with Whitehaven RL themselves.

This is the first time that the club have teamed up with Hull FC to deliver this type of session.

The idea is new to the club but they are optimistic that it will work well.

The first event was a great success and they had positive feedback from all who were involved.

They have had young players come from teams in the Allerdale area and also more local teams like Kells RL.

When the club have held the session in the past with smaller groups they have had around twenty or thirty young people attend.

They are expecting a bigger turnout this time however of between forty and sixty.

The sessions will be based around rugby training but the coaches will also explain what can be done to further their career with Hull FC.

The coaches will be selecting players who they think will be suitable to enroll in the further training.

Mr Kilpatrick added: "We'd like to ask anyone who is interested to get in touch via our social media page."