This morning, ITV show Good Morning Britain spoke to Shamima Begum who continues to fight for her return to the UK.

Begum, who left her home in East London at 15-years-old with her two friends to join terrorist group ISIS, is not allowed to return to the UK to reverse the decision to remove her citizenship following a ruling by the Supreme Court.

Ms. Begum has continued to proclaim her innocence over her decision to runaway to the war-torn nation, stating that she was provided false information from people online and she only moved away to live a strictly Muslim lifestyle.

Hosts of the show, Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, offered Begum the chance to explain some things she had previously mentioned to the media, including why she said that the bombings at the MEN Arena in Manchester during a concert attended by women and children was justified.

Now, Begum has made a public appeal to Boris Johnson offering her assistance in the fight against terrorism, saying that she can help stop people becoming radicalised online and how terrorist soldiers prepare their attacks. Ms. Begum also insisted that she would go to jail upon her return for terror crimes, as long as she was able to return to a democratic country.

During the interview, Begum stated: "If ISIS soldiers came to the gates right now and said if you don't join us we will kill you, I'd rather die."

Told that a large number of viewers have said that she should not be allowed back, Begum apologised for her actions and said that it is not justifiable to kill innocent people in the name of religion.