Readers have been responding to a the Government's refusal to increase Universal Credit allowances.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the weekly increase was a temporary fix to help claimants.

But ministers plan to start phasing out the increase from the end of September, based on individual claimants’ payment dates.

And despite opposition, Sajid Javid said plans would go ahead.

Speaking on Trevor Phillips On Sunday on Sky News, the former chancellor said: “The increase, which was temporary, will be ended as planned at the end of this month.”

“Universal Credit will continue to provide vital support for those both in and out of work, and it’s right that the Government should focus on our Plan for Jobs, supporting people back into work and supporting those already employed to progress and earn more.”

Readers were asked if they think the cap to Universal Credit is right.

Here is what you had to say.

Jamie Harrison said: "A lot of Universal Credit claimants are in work, which just shows that so many of our benefits are actually paid to corporations and businesses.

"If they paid a proper wage, then the government wouldn't need to make up the difference with benefits.

Michael Eldon added: "The best way to get rid of Universal Credit is introduce a real living wage and stop using wage poverty as a tool to cause division"

On the other hand, Nic Barnes said: "Yes, get people back to work, make Britain great again."