On August 25 the Lake District Wildlife Park said a fond farewell to Daan the Zebra.

Daan, a stallion, came to the park 10 years ago from Longleat Wildlife Park.

He is a handsome Zebra and soon settled in with the two mares already resident, Xena and Zara.

During his time at the Park, Daan has protected his herd and has fathered many foals.

Over the years at the Wildlife Park, Daan fathered foals called Andrew, Deborah, Zippy and Zoom. Andrew went on to live at Ventura Wildlife Park.

Zippy and Zoom were born in 2020 and as they matured, Daan being the dominant male pushed them out of the herd.

These handsome two males went down to Jimmy’s Farm to be homed with new females in April of 2021.

In May another female was born and so it was decided for future breeding it was time for Daan to move on.

Transporting Zebras must be carefully planned to ensure the utmost safety and welfare of the animals.

With Daan being a bold and strong-willed stallion, it was even more important to plan out his journey.

He was initially moved into a smaller enclosure with his daughter for company.

He had a full vet screening with tests and faecal samples taken. The results were as expected: he had a clean bill of health.

After two weeks of being separated from his herd, with our expert veterinary team from Millcroft Veterinary Group on standby, he was loaded into his transporter.

Daan then set off on his long journey to Beale Wildlife Park in Reading.

He arrived fit and well and he has settled in with his two new females Kelsey and Zenah.

All the Keepers at the Lake District Wildlife Park wish Daan all the best in the next stage of his life. We are looking forward to hearing about any future foals that he will be the father to.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our website and social media feeds for any updates about a new stallion joining the mares at the Lake District Wildlife Park.