A MUCH-LOVED weatherman got to grips with barms, greyhounds and steel drums during a visit to a South Lakeland village this week.

BBC North West’s Owain Wyn Evans travelled to Milnthorpe on Monday and met a host of ‘fabulous’ people and animals as part of an ongoing television segment.

The presenter is currently touring the North West as part of ‘Owain’s Golden Pin’ and locations are chosen by a blindfolded Owain who places the golden pin into a map of the region.

Opening the piece live from Milnthorpe on Monday’s North West Tonight at 6:30 the presenter said: “We’ve had an absolutely lovely day in Milnthorpe.

“Milnthorpe is a hop-skip and a jump into Cumbria, just over the border, and we’ve had a really lovely day here, gorgeous scenery and many fabulous people and some animals.”

Excited residents spotted Owain on the green in Milnthorpe, outside St Thomas’ Church, playing the drums and performing with Milnthorpe Steel Band.

He also met a chimney sweep, learned interesting facts about the village and sampled a breakfast balm from Sue’s Cumbria Snack Bar, where Sue also educated him on what makes a breakfast barm.

He then visited Jenny Stott of Retired Greyhounds South Lakes to learn about the work she does.

Greyhounds are taken from the racecourse and rehabilitated in Ms Stott’s home so they are able to settle more quickly into their new forever homes.

Finally, Owain finished his trip on a musical note with a performance with Milnthorpe Steel Band and spoke to Fran Stokes about the group’s musical ensembles.

The avid drummer was keen to have a go with the steel drum and his performance was met with a round of applause from a crowd of onlookers.

Mike McVeigh, who managed to snap several pictures of the Welsh weatherman, said Owain came across ‘genuinely warm’ and ‘friendly’.

“He seemed totally at ease with everyone he met and showed his natural communication skills that have made him so popular,” he said.

“I didn’t speak to him myself, but he came across as a genuinely warm friendly person to those who did.”

Drawing the segment to a close Owain said: “It was so much fun; I’d never had a go on a steel drum before and it was really difficult.”

He also thanked everyone for getting in touch to share their stories and facts about Milnthorpe.