DEAR PDSA Vet, How do I keep my rabbit cool in the summer?

Rabbits can quickly overheat so in order to keep your floppy-eared friend cool, here’s a few simple measures you can take. Create extra shade for them in their run by draping a towel over part of it to protect them from direct sun, whilst also ensuring there is good airflow.

Be sure to check up on them regularly during the day to guarantee there is still shade available for them as the sun moves around. Place some ceramic tiles in their housing or allow them access to a cool, tiled floor area where they are able to lay down.

You can also freeze a bottle of water and place it in their run, so they can lie next to it. Remember, it’s essential they have constant access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

Dear PDSA Vet: My dog, Vince, has developed a seriously bad temper – he has scratched and bitten my young daughters unprovoked many times now. What should we do?

As Vince is showing signs of aggression, then the situation could become worse very quickly so keep your daughters and Vince apart at all times.

Dogs can develop this behaviour if they are in pain, feel afraid, threatened, anxious or aren’t being listened to. This is the natural way for them to communicate, if earlier warning signs haven’t been picked up on. Learning and paying attention to your dog’s body language can help to identify any early warning signs. However, I’d recommend making an appointment with your vet and an accredited pet behaviourist as soon as possible to work with you and your family to try and resolve the problems.

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Dear PDSA Vet: What does it actually mean if my cat is ‘in heat’ and how can I take care of her during this time?

A ‘heat’, or ‘season’, is a period of time when female cats are very receptive to males and can get pregnant. This cycle of fertility happens every 2-3 weeks, starting from around February through to October. It’s important that you keep your cat indoors during her season if you don’t want her to become pregnant and to avoid exposing her to diseases which can be passed on through mating.

Unless you plan on breeding your cat, I’d recommend getting her spayed as soon as possible.

When cats are in season they can be very affectionate. You may notice her kinking her tail to one side and she may 'bow down’ with her back end upright, you might also hear her ‘yowling’, all of which are normal behaviours. To find out more please visit

Dear PDSA Vet: My rabbit, Lily, seems to be acting strange recently. She’s normally very playful but now seems very nervous. How can I tell if she’s unhappy?

Rabbits need other rabbits; they look to them for reassurance and security. Something may have happened that could have worried her and without the support of another rabbit, she will be on high alert and stressed, alternatively she may be feeling unwell.