TRADERS in Whitehaven have reported a day of strong trade on Monday as the Government lifted all legal Coronavirus restrictions.

Gerard Richardson reported that his wine lodge and coffee roasters saw the strongest day of sales in weeks.

He said: “I wasn’t meant to be open but I came down because I was doing some maintenance.

After deciding to open the shop while he was there, Gerard received plenty of customers at Richardson's of Whitehaven.

“I had one of the best trading days I’ve had for weeks.”

He added that although some are still not clear on the change in rules, the town centre has been “relaxed.”

“One or two were saying there’s a little bit of confusion but nobody seems upset by it they just get on with it.”

Although Gerard and his staff are not wearing a mask now that they are no longer mandatory, he is leaving it up to personal choice for the staff.

“You’re own safety and respect for others that’s what it comes down to. I feel safe, Louise who works with me we both decided to keep the sanitisers in the shop but we’re not wearing the masks.”

He added that they could decide to bring back the masks if cases surge or if the town centre’s businesses become busy again.

“Perhaps if there’s maybe three, four or five people in the shop at the same time we’ll change our mind.”

But he added that “Freedom Day” was welcome after three national lockdowns.

“Life felt like it was one step back to normal again.”

Charles Menswear on King Street also reported a good day of sales.

“We were quite busy” a member of staff said.

“We’ve got all the hand sanitisers and everything still in place and advise people to wear them but if they don’t want to we aren’t enforcing them.”

Whitehaven’s Town Centre is set to return to strength with plenty of events planned for the future.

Little Whims, an independent gift shop has organised a Whitehaven Bakers and Makers Market on August 21.

Owner Lara Schwab said: “We are so looking forward to this! We can’t wait to have lots of local businesses again in the Marketplace. To get involved, email: