The owner of an aesthetics clinic has come out in support of a Carlisle girl who was put into isolation by her school for dying her hair, saying women should not be made to feel ashamed for expressing themselves.

Mia Fell, 12, was taken out of lessons at St John Henry Newman Catholic School on Scalegate Road, Carlisle, last on July 5 after arriving with pink streaks in her hair.

Her family said she was told her hair did not match the school’s uniform policy. Mia was put in isolation on Monday, but felt so uncomfortable with the situation her parents took her out of school for the next two days.

The school has now agreed she can return to normal lessons as long as she ties her hair back and tucks it into her blazer.

Vanessa Brown, director of VL Aesthetics, in Kingmoor Road, Carlisle, said she wanted to make a public stand to show her support for Mia and her family.

She said, “Everything we do here is about empowering women to make them feel better and happier in their everyday life.

“We often help women who come to the clinic feeling invisible and lacking confidence. And usually this stems from their adolescent years.

“The school should be helping young females to become confident, not punish them for finding ways to express themselves. It takes courage to be different, and if they want to change the colour of their hair then why not?

“The family and the school should be the first places for young females to learn that you should be looking deeper than the colour of someone's hair, it’s just a superficial judgment.

“I am not denying the importance of school rules, but, surely, standing out from the crowd in your appearance doesn’t impact on academic performance or undermine respect towards others.”

Mia’s mum Sophie said she felt the school could have dealt with the issue better.

“I think the punishment has been far too extreme,” she said, “and it’s difficult to predict how it will impact my daughter’s confidence in the long-run”

“My view is that she should be able to do it of it doesn’t stop them learning."