A pub in Eskdale has been nominated for Cumbrian Pub of the Year.

The Woolpack Inn in Eskdale recently received the award and the staff are overjoyed with their businesses achievement.

The staff explained to us why they thought they had been voted the best pub in Cumbria.

Paddington Berger, the owner, said: “We’re very excited to be nominated and it’s totally unexpected after the difficult year we’ve all had.”

The pub is situated in a wonderful part of the county close to the La’al Ratty Railway and Muncaster Castle.

Visitors can also travel along Hardknott Pass which is the steepest road in the Lake District and a direct route from the West Cumbrian pub to the central Lake District.

The pub is owned by Paddington Berger with the help of her two children and managed by Amanda Brown who is a close family friend.

Paddington has received awards in the past when she owned The Boot Inn back in 2005.

Miss. Berger said: "We have amazing customers who regularly visit the pub.

"We are very mindful of what they want and try to create a nice environment for them."

Most of the goods that the pub sells are locally produced with all the food coming from nearby farms.

The cider and beer also comes from breweries in the area who are very familiar with the pub.

Paddington mentioned that they are a business who are mindful of the environment and no food goes to waste.

They regularly alter their menu and try to keep it as exciting as possible for customers.

Their chef Tim Foster spends the winter months travelling and comes back with innovative ideas on how to keep their menu fresh and delicious.

To keep up with modern demands The Woolpack Inn has started to include vegan and gluten free options for their food and drinks.

Miss. Berger said: "We've had people coming from Manchester to try our pizzas which are cooked in a wood burning oven.

"We then use the ovens to smoke and cure our meat goods."

The pub holds several festivals each year where people can sample the beer and enjoy live music.

This summer they held Eskfest which attracted lots of people from across the community.

They hope to organise more similar events now that coronavirus restrictions have eased.

Visitors can also enjoy staying in the 16th century accommodation and camper van facilities which or on site.