A partnership between Whitehaven RL and Hull FC to develop the future of rugby league began on Tuesday.

The much-celebrated youth development partnership between Whitehaven RL and Hull FC began with a training session at the LEL Arena on Coach Road.

The session was led by rugby league legend and Hull FC development officer, Lee Crooks.

Covid-19 isolation issues heavily impacted the session seeing only Kells under 15s able to make it,

But Crooks said: "The Kells lads were enthusiastic, engaging and took on board what was spoken about. I am already looking forward to next week's session".

These training sessions are due to continue right through July and August and all community clubs who have an under 14 and 16 side have been invited, in pairs, to at least one session each.

There will also be a development day each for the under 14s and 16s, with the 14s scheduled for Wednesday July 27 and the 16's being Wednesday August 25. 

Crooks said: "These community club sessions are designed to introduce the players to a professional training environment, so they know what to expect if they decide they want to attend the Centre of Excellence programme.

"It also gives us the chance to talk to about the programme and how it will benefit those taking part."

Whitehaven RL has promised further exciting announcements regarding the new youth setup in the coming weeks.