A group of Reception pupils from Beckstone Primary School completed a walk at the weekend to raise money for a Workington mum’s MS treatment.

The forty ‘Reception Ramblers’ completed the walk from Workington Fire Station to Starbuck’s at Lillyhall on Sunday morning.

The children to date have raised more than £3,700 for reception pupil Adalyn’s mum, Brogan Johnston, who was diagnosed with MS after a going to see the doctor with eyesight problems in April of this year.

A group of mums at the Harrington school came together and organised the walk with Brogan to allow Adalyn and her friends to help out with the fundraising efforts.

POD Designs, at Lillyhall in Workington donated the printed t-shirts for the children to wear whilst walking the route.

Brogan said: “It was heart warming to see 40 kids just having fun and enjoying themselves knowing that the reason behind it was for me and my family.

"It was an incredible turnout showing the amazing community spirit and support yet again.”

Adalyn and her friends are one of many groups that have tried to help the 26-year-old raise £55,000 for the life changing HSCT treatment she needs.

Brogan will travel to Mexico in order to get the one-of-a-kind treatment on August 30 if she reaches her total in time.

Many local businesses and groups have completed challenges to try and raise money – with everything from raffles to head shaves.

After setting up a GoFundMe page just over a month ago, Brogan estimates that she has, to date, raised more than £40,000 of her total.

The ‘Reception Ramblers’ have been invited to have tea in the Mayor of Workington’s parlour as recognition for their fundraising efforts.

Mayor Herbert Briggs said: “It’s just to say thank you to the kids and the community that have helped Brogan out.”

To donate you can go to: https://gofund.me/8b0255ab