A WHITEHAVEN DJ has announced he will be having another go at a non-stop live streamed audio session – after attempting a 48-hour long session to raise awareness on autism more than two weeks ago.

Max Mathews, also known by his DJ name as Maxy B, will be doing a 24-hour long live streamed session from Bubbles Nightspot in Whitehaven on Wednesday, June 16.

Max, 31, is being joined by other acts, including Pops and Mc Reecey B, who will be taking over for a three-hour set.

After this, Max will continue for another 24 hours to complete his 48 hour DJ live stream attempt.

Max hopes he will be better prepared as he reattempts the challenge.

He said: “I am going to be prepared and train my legs and body energy prior to the event.

“It's all for the NHS, which has done a lot for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic and it's another great cause.”

Max’s initial fundraiser was in support of the National Autistic Society.

At the time, Max, whose 12-year-old son has autism, said it had been difficult adapting as a parent, and that he hoped to draw attention to the continued support that was needed to help those living with autism.

Max is a DJ and promoter at Manhattan's Bar in Whitehaven and said he had his late friend, Mark North, to thank.

Max said: “Dj-ing was really hard for me at first, but I managed to get help with Mark.

"He was always good with me in the club at the weekend. I remember everything he taught me.”

Follow the stream on www.facebook.com/MAXY600.