Concerns have been raised over the number of houses that could be built on land next to a busy Whitehaven road.

Plans to build 100 homes at the top of the road were given the green light by Copeland Council in 2017.

Now an application for full planning permission to build a total of 90 homes on the plot of land at Harras Dyke Farm has been submitted.

Councillors including the newly elected mayor of Whitehaven, Chris Hayes, have spoken out against the scheme, voicing concerns over increased traffic on Harras Road.

Coun Hayes, who represents Kells on Whitehaven Town Council, said: “Last year, as a council we were approached by people up there to give a letter of support. We all signed the letter - every one of us.

“I don’t see the infrastructure for the place. Coming down the archway is unbelievable. How is it going to handle more traffic? It’s crazy.

“I’m all for building more houses if we need them but we need to get the infrastructure there first. That’s my biggest worry.

“It’s quite shocking really. I don’t think it’s been well thought out.”

Graham Roberts, who represents the Harras ward on Whitehaven Town Council, said: "It's totally unacceptable. The drainage hasn't been sorted out, there are issues with access and of course Harras Moor road itself.

"The problem is going to be overcrowding. We have looked at the roads from a county council point of view a it's unserviceable.

"It's just too much for the infrastructure. We need to think very carefully about it. The infrastructure isn't good enough to build anything much up there."

The scheme is one of three major housing developments for the site.

Plans for a major 370-home estate at Harras Moor were rejected by councillors in September 2019, after residents raised concerns over increased traffic flow.

However, it will be put before Copeland Council’s planning panel again at a future date, as members voted against the officers’ recommendation to approve.

Another application to build 11 homes at Harras Moor was also given the go-ahead two years ago.

The latest plans for 90 homes have been submitted by SRE Associates, on behalf of the applicant, Site Evolution Limited.

Entry to the site would be via Harras Road and a new footpath would be connected to Red Lonning.