HISTORY has been made with the county's first match overseen by two female umpires taking place at Cleator Moor.

Mary Smith has been umpiring cricket matches for more than 40 years and oversaw the game with Keavy Horricks at the weekend.

This current season is the first one that Keavy has umpired over.

The second division cricket match between Cleator 2nds and Haverigg 2nds took place on Saturday under the watchful eyes of Mary, of Carlisle, and Keavy, of Egremont – the first time two women had overseen a match since the league’s formation in 1981.

Bernard McDowell, the chairman of Cumbria Cricket League Umpires' Federation, was among many impressed with the performance of both ladies.

“People were very impressed,” he said. “We know Mary well as she has umpired for years, but the impression of Keavy was very positive.”

Talking about what it would mean for the Cumbrian game as a whole Mr McDowell said: “I think it’s a great thing that these two did a great game together. I hope it will encourage people to get involved.”

“We certainly could do with more female umpires.”

The game took place at the weekend at the J.D.Campbell Memorial Ground in Cleator, where the home side won the match by nine wickets.