A plan for a revamp of a pets rehoming centre in West Cumbria has gained the go-ahead from the council

In a vision outlined to Copeland Borough Council, two ancillary building & 12.no cat pods will be built at ANIMAL Concern Rescue's Mary Irwin Centre in Egremont.

The Charity would like the Mary Irwin Re-Homing centre to be an operational unit for the charity, forming a hub for all their activities, and as part of a network of other animal shelters across the county. They would like to provide accommodation for dogs, cats, and small animals such as rabbits - and facilities for training, workshops for fundraising and education.

In a planning application, the Charity stated that there are are "several factors driving the need for this development".

They state a number of problem with the current infrastructure, identifying: "The poor state of the majority of the existing buildings and the need to provide accommodation for dogs, cats and small furries that meet regulation and associated standards.

The application was approved by the council and will start within the next three years.