Being supported with your mental health by family and friends is wonderful enough, but when the future King of England is behind you, you know anything is possible.

From its involvement with Bright Stars programme, which partners primary schools with local companies to set up and run businesses, Valley Primary School’s Year 5 class in Whitehaven formed the Valley Mental Health Angels, with the special mission to promote mental wellbeing for children between eight-14 years old.

The campaign was launched in September 2020 and it was then that 10-year-old Harrison Gordon and his nan, Sue Gordon, decided to write to Prince William to get his thoughts on the campaign.

Sue, said: “Harry told me he was doing a project at school about the effects of mental health on children, and I said that’s really important Harry, and he should always tell someone if he has anything on his mind that is bothering him.

“He told me Prince William had been mentioned, and how he and Prince Harry had struggled, so I said we’ll have to ask for his help with the project.”

After researching how to write to a real-life prince, and explaining in writing how important children’s mental health was, Sue sent her correspondence to the Duke of Cambridge, and “thought that would be the end of that”.

But less than seven months later, the young mental health advocate and his nan got one very special reply, filled with words of support from Prince William.

“It was a mixture of excitement and shock to receive the letter,” Harrison said.

“I’m amazed to hear that Prince William supports our project, and I’m thankful to Nana Sue for sending the letter in the first place.”

Sue added: “I honestly couldn’t believe we had got a reply.

“Mental health is a massive issue at the moment, but to know there is the support in place for our children is comforting.

“I am delighted with the work the school is doing during these unprecedented times.”

Class teacher, Charlotte Branney, said: “

I’m thankful to Harrison’s nana for supporting his learning, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear she had sent the letter and got a reply!

"It has given the children a real boost with the project, and we plan to write another letter to inform William of our progress next month.”

To find out more about the Bright Stars project, visit the Centre for Leadership Performance website at