A councillor is calling on a senior government minister to block controversial plans to bring a junction forward, over fears it could set a “dangerous precedent” for future developments.

Graham Roberts, county councillor for Bransty, has written to Grant Shapps, the secretary of state for transport, about plans to modify the junction at Bay Vista in Whitehaven.

Plans to build 50 new homes on land to the south of Elizabeth Crescent, Bay Vista, were resubmitted in July 2019 after a failed government appeal.

Copeland Council’s planning panel had originally refused the proposed development in 2018 but revised plans were lodged with the council, which included a proposal to modify the junction to give increased visibility.

This would be done by building out the kerb on both sides of the junction to enable the give way lines to be brought forward.

However, Coun Roberts says this would set a “dangerous precedent” for planning and road issues throughout the county.

He is asking for the matter to be “called in” for scrutiny by Mr Shapps.

The letter, which has been shown to the Whitehaven News, says: “The proposal would create a ‘pinch point’ in an already busy road with three junctions in close proximity.

“Visibility splays will do nothing to increase safety as there is a bend in the road, which cannot be altered.”

Coun Roberts said: “I think that the whole project is flawed, especially with setting a precedent for the reduction of the carriageway. That is very serious and that is why I’ve written to the secretary of state for transport.

“All the other developers in the county, under these circumstances, would want to do the same thing. It’s not good.

“It doesn’t solve the problem with the road or the visibility splays. There are tremendous problems with this project. It needs to be looked at in great depth.”