READERS have reacted after a campaigner hit out at MPs for their "lack of support" following concerns over the future of trauma and emergency care at West Cumberland Hospital.

Those behind the We Need West Cumberland Hospital group have written to Lyn Simpson, chief executive of North Cumbria Integrated Care, which manages the hospital, outlining their fears for the future of trauma surgery there.

They say they want the NHS Trust to show commitment to emergency and trauma care, as agreed in the public consultation, so that recruitment and retention of health care staff at the hospital is possible.

Workington MP, Mark Jenkinson and Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison, were both copied into the email.

Christine Wharrior, said: "MPs have a duty to their constituents to make sure their concerns are raised in parliament. Neither of our MPs, Mark Jenkinson or Trudy Harrison, have shown us any support.

Reader Dave Fox said: "Do we have a MP in Copeland never seen one for years."

Kairen Gearing said: "They only crawl out the wood work when pay rises are on the table and elections are coming up."

Alan Goodwin posted: "And yet people with still support them ,Tories slowly privatise the NHS by stealth , US health insurer just taken over NHS practices down south."

Ian Lowrey posted: "Because they're both Tories and only crawl out when there's a camera there."

Tim Lewthwaite said: "Tory MPs will never stand up for local NHS services.

"They don't believe in the public sector."