The former post office building in Whitehaven town centre is set for a revamp under new plans for the historic site.

In an application to Copeland Borough Council, developers Servitium Ltd have proposed a vision to transform the building located at 70 Lowther Street into a complex consisting of 8 new flats.

The site comprises of a 3-storey building which was previously occupied by the Post Office at ground floor level with BBC Radio Cumbria office at first floor and Whitehaven Offices at second floor level.

The development will mark a landmark change for the building, with the first and second floor levels having always been used as offices before 29th May 2013 when the site was last occupied.

The site is located within a conservation area but is not listed.

The applicant concluded that the plans would represent a positive development for the area in general and would form part of the wider Copeland Borough Council Local Plan which outlines a vision to increase the amount of affordable properties for residents in the area.

Plans state: "The proposal provides much needed residential units in the borough".

The new development represent a welcome new lease of life for the building following at tumultuous twelve months when the building was embroiled in a drug scandal.

The Whitehaven community was been left in "deep shock" after a huge cannabis farm was discovered within the premises of the the building in May last year.

Brian O' Kane, chairman of Whitehaven Town Council, expressed disbelief the news that the farm was found in a building on Lowther Street, so near to a police station.

He said at the time: "I think everybody is in genuine deep shock.

"Knowing the extensive nature of that building internally and the location, you just can't believe it."

The cannabis factory, which officers described as a "£1million facility", was raided with the farm found to encompass 30 rooms on three floors of the premises.

It is estimated there were about 1,300 cannabis plants at the property.

Albanian nationals Xhona Leka, 28, and Gjergi Braculla, 39, appeared at the magistrates' court in Carlisle last year, jointly facing two charges.

The pair were subsequently jailed for more than three years.