EastEnders (BBC1)

Callum overhears Ben planning a meeting – and jumps to the conclusion that it must have something to do with Kush's death.

In fact, his fiance was just trying to surprise him by bringing his grandmother Violet (Gwen Taylor) to the Square, but the misunderstanding leads Ben to insist there can be no more secrets between them. Callum agrees – and confesses his undercover target wasn't Thompson but Phil.

Ben is furious, but where does that leave their wedding plans?

Elsewhere, as the police search for Bailey, Mitch blames himself for her running away, while Karen takes her anger out on her old boss. Lola is shocked to see Isaac tearing down a missing person's poster for the youngster, until he explains Keegan put the wrong phone number on it. However, Lola still questions his behaviour and discovers he's stopped taking his medication.

Linda turns up at the clinic to talk about Nancy, but it turns out the landlady is the one in need of help as she admits she might be pregnant, and Gray has bad news for Whitney ahead of her trip to Dubai.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Abi can't believe how lucky she is – she's about to marry the love of her life and her beloved son Seb has agreed to give her away. However, this being soapland, she isn't going to live happily ever after.

Instead, as the hen and stag parties take place, Corey and his mate Eli steal a car and head off for a joyride with Kelly, Summer and Asha, the latter pair unaware that the vehicle has been purloined. Later, they park up and begin partying when they spot Nina and Seb out for a walk.

After Summer and Asha leave for home, Eli and Corey attack the loved-up pair, leaving them fighting for their lives and a horrified Kelly in shock. Later, as Asha becomes increasingly suspicious about his actions, Corey denies all knowledge of the incident.

Meanwhile, Peter and Carla look set to inadvertently lead Harvey and his thugs to Simon, Leanne and Nick's hideaway.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Mack tells Charity that he's been discreet about their latest job – and is then left with some explaining to do when she asks if that's true, how come Aaron knows all about it and has demanded to be cut in?

It turns out Aaron is the least of Mack's worries as Moira and Cain are keen to catch him out and plant a tracker in his van. The buyer is furious when he spots it and flees the scene, but will Moira and Cain get there in time to catch Mack in the act? And what will Charity make of Mack's latest mess?

Liam recruits David to help him propose to Leyla, but Meena gets the wrong end of the stick when she catches her boyfriend chatting to his ex and ruins the doctor's plan.

Lydia applies for a job as a pupil-liaison officer and is pleased with how the interview went, even if her computer was bombarded with dodgy pop-ups. However, her happiness is short-lived when she's then arrested on suspicion of running a scam pension scheme.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Summer continues to interfere in Sienna's life – including trying to talk her out of letting Warren spend time with the kids and intercepting a message from a blind date so she can turn up at the Dog in her place and pretend to Sienna.

However, Brody is under the impression that it's Sienna who is harassing Summer, little realising that his girlfriend is also busy plotting against him.

Luke's mother Sue returns to the village - and drops a bombshell on him. Cindy urges him to be honest his mum in return and tell her about his dementia, although the evidence of his illness is becoming hard to hide.

Sylver gets Mercedes a meeting with the Businesswoman of the Year judging panel, but Cher undermines her ahead of the interview. Warren and Fergus target cash-strapped Shaq, and Marco and his brother Jacob (played by real-life sibling AJ and Curtis Pritchard) have a plan for Trish, while Diane's inner monologue is constantly warning her about her germs.

Home and Away (C5)

Mackenzie is rushed to hospital in a critical condition, her unborn child's life hanging in the balance. Ari, meanwhile, notices that Mia is acting oddly around him, little realising it's because she's been sworn to secrecy about Mac's pregnancy. Later, she and Ari reminisce about their lost child, clearing the air between them in the process.

Lewis considers filing a report against Christian, and can't help winding him up when the pair accidentally run into each other later in the week.

Nikau and Bella grow increasingly tired of witnessing Ryder and Chloe's loved-up state, while Dean makes plans for the surf competition.

Justin is involved in a horrific accident after fighting with John and Leah, but dicing with death helps him see things more clearly. John, meanwhile, discovers what a big mistake it was to trust Susie - he's been left with a huge mess to clear up.

Neighbours (C5)

We may think we're all familiar with Sheila Canning, but we could be rather confused by the end of the week because another character, also called Sheila Canning, is set to arrive.

The one we know has been receiving various mystery gifts lately, but it seems they were meant for the woman who shares her name. The new Sheila is in town to make a deal with Paul, but gaining access to The Hive's accounts may put her off.

Aaron and David realise that coming down hard on Brent is getting them nowhere, so launch a new plan to keep him on the straight and narrow. Ned and Yashvi discuss her possible move, while Roxy grows tired of being followed around by Emmett.

Nicolette and Chloe's relationship goes from strength to strength, Susan refuses to choose between Jane and Curtis, while Karl is abandoned by his patients.