Residents living in a Maryport street will continue to face parking fines even though restrictions outside their homes are no longer necessary.

Rob and Julie Lythall are one of the couples who moved into a new-build property in High Street, Maryport in 2017.

Outside their home was a single yellow line which the couple say is of no significance any longer and has not been included in the road marking schedule carried out last year.

Mr Lythall said: “I have requested this be removed from Cumbria Highways.

Cumbria County Council has confirmed that the restriction will be part of a traffic review, but has told the couple that this is a process that takes time.

And, since then, their car and others in the street have been ticketed.

Mrs Lythall received a parking ticket on February 19.

The couple appealed, but the ticket was upheld.

“We feel that some common sense needs to be adopted by the parking wardens as they can see the yellow line does not need to be enforceable any longer. Yet they continue to issue parking Charges to residents of High Street.”

It seems, however, that the residents are stuck with the situation until the traffic review process has been undertaken.

A county spokesman said as long as the yellow line is there, the restrictions remain.

“The single yellow lines in this location have not been removed, and therefore remain subject to the same restrictions as before.

“Residents looking to park on-street within a controlled parking zone are able to do so by displaying a parking permit issued by the council, though bays are not always available directly outside their property.

“Any requests for parking restrictions to be removed will be considered as part of a future project.

“At present, the restrictions remain in place and will continue to be enforced if vehicles are parked illegally.”