EastEnders (BBC1)

The Carters are back behind the bar at the Vic, but Mick may not feel like celebrating his return just yet as the police inform him that Katy has been arrested and they will be appealing for other survivors.

Mick fears it’s only a matter of time before everyone works out what happened. — and the first person to start piecing it together is Stuart. He’s determined to get revenge on his friend’s behalf, but how will Mick react when he finds his mate threatening Frankie?

Stacey has bad news from her solicitor, but her family are rallying round as Mo finds her a new lawyer and Jean begs Ruby to drop the charges. The club owner does put a call in to the police, but she also visits the doctor with Martin, where she hears some upsetting news about her fertility.

The Minute Mart is hit by racist graffiti, which brings back bad memories for Kheerat and Suki, while Vinny gets the chance to prove himself on a job for one of Stas’ associates, which takes an unexpected turn.

Meanwhile, Gray tries to drive a wedge between Kush and Whitney.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Tyrone is still smitten with Alina, so when Fiz announces she’s arranged a wedding for them in Greece, he panics and admits he’s fallen for another woman.

Angry and humiliated, Fiz confronts Alina, who is so horrified at this turn of events, she breaks off all contact with the mechanic. Despite claiming he wants to make amends, Tyrone then avoids spending time with Fiz — is this the end of their once steadfast relationship?

Leanne continues to carry out Harvey’s drug drops, wearing a nurse’s uniform as a front. Eventually, as he piles on the pressure, she can see no way out of the situation so decides to inform the police of his activities — and is promptly arrested herself. However, they know all about Harvey’s operation and want her to help them bring him down.

Nick, meanwhile, begins to suspect she has a new man before Simon finally tells him about her behaviour following Oliver’s death.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Will hopes that Harriet is ready to leave her bunker, but before she can decide, Kim arrives at Woodbine, demanding to know what’s going on. Will tries to throw her off the scent by claiming that Harriet tried to win him back, then left when he rejected her, but when the vicar accidentally knocks something over in the cellar, he has to create a bigger distraction by getting passionate with Kim.

Can he convince Harriet that he slept with another woman for her sake? And how will he handle it when Kim suggests a repeat performance?

Paul frightens Vinny into keeping quiet about the attack, but when Liv starts asking awkward questions, Paul threatens his son to get her off their backs — or else. Fearful for her safety, Vinny ends their relationship, but will that be enough to stop her digging?

Mack ropes Aaron into one of his dodgy deals, Jimmy is stressed about bad online reviews for the haulage company, and Andrea announces she wants Dale View as part of her divorce settlement.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Sienna is getting close to the truth about the shooting, so Summer tries to throw her off the scent by framing Warren — and making it look like he was really aiming for Brody.

Warren, who doesn’t have much experience when it comes to be the innocent party, is desperate to clear his name, but it seems like Summer’s plan is working, especially when she befriends Sienna. However, it’s not long before Summer’s mask slip and her new mate decides to make a public announcement about what she’s really like.

Jack is determined to keep Charlie out of trouble, so George offers to help him set up CCTV, which is how the copper learns that Nancy slept with Darren — and that John Paul is the only person who knows. So, George uses this knowledge to sabotage his boyfriend’s friendship.

Brad thinks Toby might be just the man for his latest job, although Martine thinks very differently, and Ste struggles to afford to send Leah to Trish’s dance school.

Home and Away (C5)

Martha continues to struggle with her mental health issues. Roo and Alf consider their options after finding her talking to herself, but whether she will agree to seek help remains to be seen.

Willow returns to Summer Bay and the atmosphere between her and Bella is frosty to say the least — Willow’s testimony against Colby at his recent trial is something the teenager can’t easily forgive and forget. Dean and Willow, however, find a way to overcome their issues.

Mac and Ari rain on Ziggy and Tane’s parade, while Amber turns up out of the blue and Leah and Justin hope they can secure a loan with which to buy their own home.

Marilyn finds John’s campaign flyer before drunkenly barging into his house, which he’s now sharing with Susie — he’s completely besotted with her, little realising she might not be as kindly as she seems.

Neighbours (C5)

Susan considers collaborating with Olivia, which doesn’t go down well with Karl, who thinks that rehashing history will only end in tears.

Susan ignores his warnings and goes ahead anyway.

Hendrix and Brent struggle to put aside their differences when they find themselves at the centre of Jane’s Year 13 initiative. Brent hits on an idea to help the homeless, which puts a smile on Harlow’s face.

Kyle’s lack of direction casts a gloom over his birthday, but Roxy wants to get back in business with him. They discuss how to move forward, but having received an ultimatum, Kyle realises he can’t risk losing the Tram again, leaving her out in the cold.

Yashvi is on a mission to get her parents back together, while Chloe feels uncomfortable with Nicolette’s position as Fay’s caregiver. Later, Fay asks Nicolette to arrange a secret meeting at Toadie’s office, putting him in an awkward position.