THE COASTGUARD has posted an update on the "mystery device" found near a Whitehaven car park after fears were raised that it was "possible ordnance". 

A 200m safety corden had been put in place near the North Shore Car Park, and the bomb squad was been called.

However a spokesman for the Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team said: "The item was assessed and details and photos sent to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and a cordon put in place and maintained until the item was covered by the tide.

"We re-attended the scene today at low tide and reinstated the cordon with help Cumbria Constabulary and waited for the arrival of the EOD team.

"The item was assessed, deemed safe after an x-ray and removed from the beach by EOD so the cordons were removed and the team stood down.

"Thanks to Cumbria Police and Whitehaven Marina for their assistance and the public in general for the inconvenience of the cordon which caused part of the harbour to be inaccessible."