THE BOMB squad has been called to a 'mystery object' in Whitehaven.

Maryport, and Whitehaven, Coastguard Rescue Teams have put in place a 200m security cordon after 'possible ordance' was found near the North Shore Car Park as part of an ongoing incident. 

It is also understood that police are on the scene.

A spokesman for the Maryport team said: "The teams jointly set up a 200m safety cordon around the object until the incoming tide covered the ‘mystery object’.

"We are waiting on details from Explosive Ordance Disposal, bomb squad, regarding the object.

"We ask people not to go picking around the area until it is known if it safe.

"If you see, or suspect, anything out of the ordinary on the beach, leave it where it is and call 999 and ask for Coastguard.

"We will then attend, collect information and pass it on to the experts."