Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and this week it is difficult to choose between the two-legged one and the little West Highland terrier who has inspired his owner to help others.

Alfie was 16 when he died of liver and kidney disease leaving a hold in Kelvin Musgrave's life that he has found hard to fill.

"I am a key worker, working shifts at Sellafield. He would always be there to greet me and my partner Paula, when she came home from her shift as a planner at Amcor.

"I have found that when I am on a different shift to Paula and come home to an empty house, I have to get out and go for a walk. It just feels so lonely. We don't have children. Alfie was our baby!"

As he walked, however, Kelvin, 46, started thinking about all those in his area who were elderly and isolated, unable to leave home either because of the pandemic or because of the bitter cold of recent days.

He worried about the dogs who have been unable to be walked because of their owners' circumstances.

"I decided to put something on Facebook to say that I would walk their dogs. I would love to do it. I love the company of dogs. I did make it clear, however, that I would walk the dogs where owners have not been able to get out - not those who could not be bothered."

Strangely, Kelvin has had no response to his offer but is hoping that word will get around.

He said he and Paula had made the decision not to get another dog.

"When we got Alfie we weren't working shifts. It is not fair to get a new dog and then leave him alone for hours."

Looking out for others is something Kelvin does, anyway. He is a member of Team13, a group of cyclists whose challenges have raised more than £80,000 for charities.

The group have been doing virtual miles when they could not meet up and he recently organised an26-mile virtual ride for the Calvert Trust which raised £3,700 in just four days.

This is a man with a big heart and a man willing to help others.

Anyone who needs their dog walked can contact Kelvin through his Facebook page.

"Just get in touch. It will help you and I would love to be walking a dog againm" he said.