A FUTURE trader has paid tribute to the welcoming nature of her new home as she prepares to launch a new Copeland business.

Nikki Wyatt, who lives in Whitehaven but originally hails from Liverpool, is set to launch the Waffle Box Whitehaven from home, offering her homemade waffles, pancakes and milkshakes.

Speaking of how the idea came about, Nikki said: “It’s an idea that came about a month ago, it’s kind of been born out of lockdown.

“I moved up here to be with my partner who is from Whitehaven that was day one of the first lockdown.”

Working from home during lockdown made Nikki feel that she was neglecting her creative side.

“I thought, ‘what can I do that gives me a bit of fulfilment? I’ve got two amazing step sons, every Sunday I make pancakes and waffles for them.

“I thought, ‘they’re always raving about these and talking to their school friends about them.’”

Her stepsons’ school friends were asking them where they could find similar treats.

“I can’t get premises yet but I could start this off from home and gauge the popularity and interest.”

The community and other Copeland businesses are getting behind Nikki and her new venture.

She said: "People have been really supportive. The few businesses that I've come into contact with I've tried to be really warm and friendly."

Nikki added that she believes in the "shop local" campaign.

"I came from a city where we do that anyway. Anything that I've bought from other businesses in Whitehaven I've posted them on my social media."

Nikki has been spending recent weeks building the budding business' profile while the Local Authority and HMRC go through the usual checks.

Although premises are not in the immediate future, the Waffle Box could contribute to a currently struggling high street in Whitehaven.

"It's very sad that there's been that demise and that the foot fall has dropped on the high street.

"This is just starting from home but hopefully in the future if this gets off the ground and there's enough demand there."

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